The Efficacy of Online Therapy for Increasing Access to Mental Health Care Report Released

October 14, 2021

Online therapy is here to stay. And while people rave that it has brought mental healthcare to the fingertips of Americans, many clients still face barriers that prevent them from accessing these virtual care options.

CHULA VISTA, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, October 13, 2021 / -- Counseling Connection, an innovative, inclusive mental health platform released a report on the barriers and benefits of online therapy for marginalized groups. The report evaluates whether a shift toward virtual care has improved access for underserved populations or if it has alternatively widened the digital divide.

The full report can be found here.

The new report releases statistics on how certain populations in America struggles to access and use the Internet. It states that more than 50 million Americans do not know you to use a computer and that 21% of Americans do not use the internet.

Marginalized communities, specifically populations that are older, less educated, and black or Hispanic, statistically are most likely to lack digital literacy. Only 69% of Black Americans and 67% of Hispanic Americans own a computer, and only 61% of adults 65 and older own a smartphone.

Poor broadband access can also prevent individuals from using the internet. This issue is most common in states with a high percentage of rural residents, including Nebraska, Montana, and Alaska. Additionally, Black Americans, Hispanic Americans, and Americans living in poverty are more likely to lack home broadband services.

The report explores the many ways that online therapy has helped increased access to mental health services, such as allowing people to access care from their homes, opening more options for providers, and offering more anonymity.

However, people with issues accessing broadband or using technology may struggle to benefit from these services. The report offers suggestions for how therapists can address these barriers and increase ease of access for their clients.

Counseling Connection helps increase access to mental health services by offering an easy-to-use mental health platform that connects therapists with clients looking for their services. Clients can find both providers who offer in-person therapy and teletherapy, depending on their unique needs.

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